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Dennis Tran
Being cool, being yourself. (Pixabay)

I heard someone say “ you’re so cool you’re hot “ and, wow, I got confused!

When you’re hot, you’ve got looks that arouse attraction, desire, even lust. In short, it’s physical. However, when you’re cool, it comes from the inside — you’re eliciting a collision of and emotion, and that’s complicated.

In short, hot is easy but cool is more challenging. And the first thing to know about it is time and age.

Yes, coolness is time-sensitive. What used to be cool before (think James Dean) isn’t cool anymore. …

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Once again, guys with oily skin are prone to attacks by yet another irritating skin problem — blackheads!

Blackheads are one of the most common forms of acne. They form when dead skin cells and excess oil combine on your pores, clogging them. Blackheads are different from whiteheads in that they have open surfaces.

They might be tempting to pop, but this will only worsen the situation. What then should you do? I present to you some effective methods on how to get rid of blackheads. Everyone deserves acne-free and smooth skin.

What Causes Blackheads?

Before going to their treatment methods, it’s essential…

Photo by Taylor

We’ve all been there! Working late nights to meet deadlines, studying overtime for exams around the corner, or maybe being woken up the newborn angel. Whatever the reason, it’s apparent that you lack sleep.

And this isn’t only indicated by a change in your mood or grumpiness. But it’s literally written all over your face by dark circles!

For some guys, the black, non-appealing circles under the eyes are an indication of a lack of sleep. For others, they are an indication of aging. …

Photo by KlausHausmann on Pixabay

How you hang your genitalia may be something easily overlooked, but the answer to the question stands important for several reasons.

This is a common question you would get from a tailor or a seamster and you should be well aware that this concerns the way you hang your genitalia.

As a man, it’s pretty important to know where your penis would hang inside of the pants. There are three common ways to do it, but only two are considerable when it comes to concerns regarding the fit of the slacks.

It’s good nature for bespoke tailors in well-known suit…

Dennis Tran

I write about Lifestyle, Fashion, Home Improvement, Gardening, and teaching old-fashioned skills to help people live a simple life no matter where you live.

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